Brač island - Bol

On the southern side of the island of Brač lies Bol, the oldest town on the Brač coast. Bol is also regarded as the most famous tourist destination on the island itself, but also a well-known gathering place for the local and world elite.

Above Bol there is a mountain wreath Bol crown, Illyrian hill fort Koštilo and Vidova gora, the highest peak of the Adriatic islands.  However, Bol is primarily known for the most attractive beach of the Adriatic Zlatni rat. This beach was created by depositing fine golden pebbles around the undersea ridge stretching like a hedgehog up to 500 m into the sea. Under the influence of winds, waves and sea currents, the peak of Zlatni rat stopped changing its shape, making it new and interesting again every time.

In addition to natural beauties, Bol offers its visitors a rich cultural and historical heritage, so through the years of existence of this Dalmatian place you will be carried out by the famous Dominican monastery with its rich archaeological collection, various Baroque summer residences, parish church and harmonious folk stone houses surrounded by characteristic Dalmatian piazzas.

Taxi boat transfer from Split airport to Bol

Duration: 60 minutes

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