Hvar island – Vrbovska


Vrboska is the smallest town on the island of Hvar located along a deep and narrow bay. His Vela and Molu bond are connected by picturesque stone bridges, which is why he is rightly named “Little Venice”.

Surrounded by dense pine forests, its bridges, cobbled streets, and Renaissance and Gothic houses on both sides of the bay adorned with an islet in the middle of the bay, it is a sight that few will leave indifferent.

Vrboska is known as the largest fishing village on the island, as evidenced by the rich collection of the Fishermen’s Museum. With numerous artworks kept by the Fortress Church and The Church of St. Lawrence, Vrboska is a real delicacy for all lovers of cultural sights and is certainly an unavoidable destination for sightseeing of the island’s cultural heritage.

Taxi boat transfer from Split airport to Vrbovska

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

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