Korčula island – Korčula town

Korčula old town

Korčula is a historically fortified town located at the northeastern end of the island of Korčula. It is recognizable by its old town located on an oval peninsula, a Baroque suburb directly under the old walls, and new parts spread along the coast east and west of the old center. The old town is surrounded by walls, and the streets are arranged in herringbones allowing free air flow, but also protecting against strong winds.

Of the most important historical sites we will list the Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral of St. Mark, the town hall, and the massive city walls, as well as the Franciscan monastery from the 15th century. with a beautiful monastery on the island of Badija.

World traveler, explorer, travel writer, imperial emisar, Marko Polo was born in Korčula in 1254.The family house of Polov in Venetians disappeared and gave way to the theater, and in Korčula the birthplace was preserved, as well as the memory of the great Marko. Today, the Depolo family is another of the oldest families in Korčula.

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