Vis island - Vis town

Vis Town

The island of Vis is the most remote inhabited island in Dalmatia, and the first settlement on the site of today’s Vis, under the name Issa, was founded by Greek colonists from Sicily from Syracuse in the 4th century BC.

Today, only about 2000 people live in the town of Vis, and only about 3500 inhabitants live on the entire island. The hill forts and stone piles testify to the millennial settlement of the island of Vis, and the remains of the theatre built into the foundations of the Franciscan monastery on the Prirovo semi-island, ancient thermal baths or Hellenistic cemetery, confirm that the town of Vis is one of the oldest urban centers in Croatia (the Old Town on neighboring Hvar has been fighting for this title) which has existed for 2400 years.

Numerous visitors, among whom boaters stand out, are increasingly visiting Vis, which has retained its old, irresistible Mediterranean charm and life without stress and crowds.

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