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Valamar is a new hotel concept for modern travelers seeking freedom of choice and a vibrant Mediterranean holiday in a seaside hotel. It introduces guests to the destination in a unique way, with full respect for nature and the environment. There is no other place where you can so honestly and spontaneously get to know the local secrets and the amazing Mediterranean way of life of Hvar as in this hotel.

Hotel Lavanda is located 800 meters from the center of Stari Grad on Hvar and close to the sea and pine forest, provides the perfect atmosphere for an ideal holiday. She’s also connected to the city by taxi boat.

In front of the hotel there is a pebble beach with a concrete sunbathing area, and there is a rocky beach, about 50 meters away.

Now a full pandemic year has left its mark on numerous activities, restaurant, hotel, tourist in general Now the situation is better, and we can finally travel freely just where we have always fantasized, relax on the beaches, drink our cocktail by the pool and ultimately take a good break from the long winter that has not pampered anyone.

In order to start your vacation immediately upon arrival in Croatia, the best choice of transportation is a taxi boat, which allows you to enjoy your vacation immediately after leaving the plane.

Of course, you can reach certain locations such as the Old Town on Hvar by ferry after two hours of driving, but do not forget, that although you have about seven lines a day in this direction crowds are created in the ferry port already at the beginning of the season and you could wait more for boarding than you planned.

Taxi boat transfer to the hotel itself is the best choice, provides you with safe and pleasant transportation, and your vacation can start only an hour after disembarkation at Split airport. At the exit you will be greeted by our friendly staff who will take you to the taxi boat in just 10 minutes with a pleasant and air-conditioned van, and then in fact your vacation can already begin.

Just a 45-minute drive from Split to hotel Lavanda in Stari Grad on Hvar, and the road to it will be enriched with views of the Central Dalmatian islands, the scent of the sea and the warm rays of the sun.

For its first season, a new concept of the famous Valamar chain is being prepared – hotel Lavanda in Stari Grad on Hvar has received a new look signed by the Poreč studio Tissa, but also a completely new idea that is associated with it. Places by Valamar is a concept designed for a modern traveler, a relaxed Explorer of the Mediterranean, who wants to enjoy freedom of choice and tailor his holiday as it suits without being bound by set parameters such as a fixed breakfast or dinner time. Hvar Places Hotel by Valamar is a place that exists in harmony with nature, which is further emphasized by the decoration and location surrounded by pine trees.

Places by Valamar is conceived as a place of enjoyment, loathing by the pool, cocktails and good music, adventure trips, introductions to the island with residents and their proven good destinations, thus conceptually perfectly suiting young travelers.

Hvar’s hotel was chosen as the first in a series to receive the title of Places Hotel, and the relaxation of the holiday you can get there is emphasized by the elaborate area around the pool, numerous deck chairs, canopies, armchairs and a bar as a key point.

Light wood prevails in the open concept of the restaurant, and the rooms are inspired by nature. On arrival you get a bracelet with which navigating through the hotel is facilitated and automated, you can use it to pay for a drink at the bar or buy a snack at the restaurant. Meals are also flexible, if you are late for breakfast or lunch, you have a daily loan of 25 euros that you can use whenever you want or switches to the next day.

And let’s add that this hotel offers those small Hvar specialties that are not available to everyone and that you cannot find on Google. Places Hotel Hvar offers many ways to fit into the island’s Mediterranean everyday life, but without any obligations.

The best time is the one you’ve chosen. For this reason, fresh local Mediterranean food is available during the day; pleasant music, fun and activities on the beach or by the pool do not stop even after sunset; the amazing island of Hvar is waiting for you to get to know it like no traveler has ever done before; and you can also enjoy peace and quiet whenever you want. Freedom of choice rests with you. No less important to know is the fact that Places Hotel Hvar pays special attention to the principles of environmental sustainability.

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